Frequently Asked Questions


Buying online is easy and secure and can makes you save a lot of time, however we can't let print yourself tickets so you'll have to change your voucher with regular tickets at your arrival in Venice.

If you have a Venicelink voucher you can show it at the n°71 box in the Marco Polo Airport main hall, receiving in exchange your tickets in a minute avoiding the queues of the normal ticket office, just a little more on the right.
If you reserve your ticket online there are also discounted prices or special offers for some kind of lines, tours, or water taxi so size the day!

One of our assistants, if you're lucky a beautiful girl or maybe a nice boy. Show them your voucher and they will give you what you're looking for: tickets, informations about your excursions, the road to your boat and everything else.

Problems about online payments/ Refunds Policy

If everything goes fine you have to receive:
- an username and password automatically generated from Venicelink system, useful for further purchases
- the reservation voucher with the booking code
- the credit card transaction confirm message (if you complete correctly the payment)
If you haven't received one of these messages maybe there was a mail server problem or maybe something goes wrong. Try log in into home page with your username, selecting your account on the top of the page: then you can see your orders and their status, and eventually print out again the voucher.

Sorry, no. If your reservation is not paid by credit card it will be invalidated in about 72 hours so the voucher will be completely unuseful. Once in Venice you have to buy normal tickets at the tickets office.

Please write down the booking code (it's a 10 digit number code shown in your voucher) and bring it with you. Is the only way to verify that your reservation was made correctly.

Refunds are available only in case of service problem or not operated transfer, in any case not for personal mistake or change of mind about the reservation. In that case refunds are provided directly on your credit card in about 2 weeks at maximum for the amount you've paid.

Alilaguna Tickets

You can reserve a ticket today and use it when you want if fares are not changed and tickets are still valid. For returning ticket you have 30 days since first use.

You can spend it for 24 or 72 hours on every Alilaguna line from the moment of exchange of voucher with a regular ticket in our Ticket Offices.

Children up to 6 ages old or under a meter height travel for free so you don't have to buy them an Alilaguna ticket. There aren't other reductions for groups or family.

Usually Alilaguna lines are synchronized with the main flight arrivals and waits in case of delay but it depends where do you have to go. Check the Alilaguna site for complete timetables and to be sure that your flight lands in time to take the last ride!

Water Taxi

Prices are all shown in the water taxi page. There isn't a special fare if you ask by mail, or something different if your hotel is near San Marco or Rialto. The price from airport to EVERY hotel in Venice is the same, it depends only from the number of persons on the watertaxi and the time of your transfer.

Approx. 12 bags for boat, so if you travel alone you can bring your home with you, but if you choose shared transfer please don't exceed two bags for persons!

The water taxi service it's intended with a private driver but without any guide or hostess.

Try reach Venice and ask around for water taxi prices! You'll be happy to know that our fares are the cheapest, or are in the worst case equal to other private companies.

Excursions and Tour

Meeting point are indicated in the tour page when you reserve on Venicelink and you'll receive further informations by mail after your payment. Only in case of Islands excursion you can collect your tickets directly in the airport, at the n°71 box in the main hall. If you're already in Venice you can reach instead the Alilaguna box office at Giardinetti Reali S.Marco: it's blue and just near the public toilets!