Piazza San Marco, Basilica and Pala D’oro Guided Tour

  • piazza san marco basilica pala d'oro tour guidato venezia
  • piazza san marco basilica pala d'oro tour guidato venezia
  • St. Mark's Basilica Venice St Mark's square guided tour

Guided tour inside St. Mark's Basilica. Visit to the extraordinary Pala d'Oro (the Golden Pall)


  • Guided tour to discover the heart of Venice
  • Focus on the visit of the Basilica
  • Visit to the Pala d'Oro (the Golden Pall) kept inside a wing of the Basilica

What you can expect:

To truly understand and learn the history of Venice, we must start from St. Mark’s square, the beating heart of the political, religious and judicial life of the ancient Republic.

Piazza San Marco has not always had the aspect we all know nowadays: Over the centuries, it has undergone many transformations adapting itself to changes in life, customs and governments that have followed one another. Can you imagine that originally the square was used as a vegetable garden or that a defensive canal once surrounded the Doge’s Palace? Our guide will reveal all the secrets guarded by the most famous square in the world, illustrating you the most important buildings and monuments and giving you an overview of the history of Venice.

The visit will then continue inside the marvelous Basilica of San Marco, also known as the Golden Church due to the majesty of the treasures stored inside it and the golden mosaics that decorate its walls. Symbol par excellence of the greatness and power of the Republic of Venice, the Basilica preserves the remains of San Marco, stolen, according to the legend, in Alexandria by two ingenious Venetian merchants.

The tour ends with a visit to the Pala D'Oro, unique artwork for refinement and beauty kept inside the Basilica. Enriched since the 10th century by precious stones, enamels, gold and silver, the Pala d'Oro is exhibited to the faithful only on particular religious celebrations.


 Duration: about 2 hours


 Operative according to the Basilica calendar


 Languages: English


Children 0-5 years are free of charge


 Entrance ticket to St. Mark's Basilica and Pala d'Oro s is included. We reccomend to wear appropriate clothes for a place of worship. 


Change your voucher into a regular ticket at the meeting point


Meeting Point:

Campo San Luca, in front of Bucintoro Viaggi travel agency (arrive strictly 15 minutes prior to departure).

40,00 €
36,00 €
Piazza San Marco, Basilica and Pala D`oro Guided Tour
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We reccomend to wear appropriate clothes for a place of worship. Entrance with voluminous bags and bagpacks is not allowed. 

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